deep roots

The past few weeks for me have been very exciting. I always endeavor to live what I am preaching but sometimes a series takes on personal application in a whole new way. This has been one of those times!! I am not one to slow down, I like to keep moving and working. But I am also someone who believes that God invites us into a vibrant relationship with Him!! And it seems more and more that our schedules don’t afford us the opportunity to connect with God in a meaningful life giving way. So as I have engaged in intentional silence and solitude, practiced reading the bible to experience it rather then study it, slowed my prayer life down, and spent some time in introspection I feel that God is transforming me from the inside out!! I can’t say it strongly enough please take some time to evaluate your schedule, your relationships, and your life with God and ask yourself how could I slow down, how could I carve out some time…not to be righteous or please God but to be with God!!

I talk with so many people these days that feel dry and stale in their relationship with God, they are frustrated and sometimes even insecure with Christ. But every time I dig a little deeper I discover that almost without fail their experience is directly connected to lack of time with Him. We are simply too busy and too consumed with other stuff these days.

I hope you don’t take these words as condemnation to read and pray more because it is exactly the opposite. Maybe the most freeing words I have come across in this series are “Spend time with God feeling No Pressure at all to produce a result”. Mark also reiterated that when he talked about being with someone we love with no pretenses, we don’t have to perform we can simply be.

We will continue this weekend with our “Deep Roots” series. We will be talking about how serving others brings us a deep vibrancy in Christ that goes beyond words. Also if you want to go back and hear any of the messages that have been shared (Silence & Solitude; Experience Scripture; Prayer; and Introspection) you can find those right here.