Eat, Live, Drink...An Invitation to LIFE!!

Everyday all around we see people who appear happy and are by every perceivable measure successful. But in those quiet moments of self reflective honesty lingers just a bit of inexplicable sadness. Although life is good the deepest longings of their hearts sit quietly empty. You see for so many the current battle doesn't exist between good & evil but between less and more. Most of us don't choose the worst life, we just don't choose the best life. Every last one of us is meant to live a life of significance. You are more then you realize and God's plan is greater then you can imagine!!


Carry Each Other
Sunday October 22nd

When we see stories like Harvey Weinstein and hear of over 50 women being victimized we are flooded with anger, sadness, concern, and possibly even our own trauma. This story though is a tragic microcosm of a much larger reality that we still exist in communities hesitant to challenge power, address victimization, and share our hurts and pain with each other. Too often we are living in silo's of our own making, surrounded by seas of people, participating in numerous groups and activities, connected by countless apps, and yet we still seem to be missing the deep authentic community our heart tells us is possible.


Never Hungry Again
Sunday October 29th

Opening your Facebook newsfeed used to be a cheerful experience, catching up with friends, getting to seeing the great adventures of friends, but it seems in our current political and overly divisive culture it is a recipe for frustration, anger, and endless debate. Fake news, real news, important is almost impossible to keep up with and what we discover within our own souls is an emptiness and a longing for something deep and substantial. We are hungry for purpose and thirsty for meaning but all to often we simply end up tired from the never ending pursuit.



Spring Time Rain
Sunday November 5th

There is a video on YouTube of two men who purchased a lion cub in 1969 with the purpose of releasing him back into the wild. For two years they cared for this lion developing a deep bond but they eventually had to take him to Africa to be in his natural habitat. The video captures the two men returning to Africa a year later to try and visit their lion friend in the wild. Experts said there would be now way this now "King of His Pride" would remember them and they ran the risk of being savagely attacked. The reunion is both shocking and moving and speaks to the power available to us when we are reunited with our purpose and passion in this life.


Transcends All Understanding
Sunday November 12th

Hurricanes, school shootings, terrorist attacks, on and on. Our world has become filled with images of hatred, anger, and devastation. Even in our own hometown these realities have touched down. One of the first things we hear in these moments is "our prayers are with you", but it seems these words are wearing thin. Words of prayer seem to ring hollow as empty sentiment void of any tangible action or help. But in all of these things we can discover something much greater then religious words and thoughts, something powerful, something tangible, something beyond our current reality.