peace on earth...advent 2017

Since the beginning of mankind "peace on earth" has been something that has been all too elusive. Generation after generation has tried countless methods of achieving this goal. Empires have tried to unite through conquering kingdoms, resistance movements have tried to turn the tides from a grassroots level, humanity has tried to evolve to become more tolerant, diplomatic, and accepting of one another. But it often seems we are further away today then ever. Even within the church division & judgment seem to be the rule and peace seems to be the outlier. This is why Advent is so important!! A reminder that peace is not only possible it is what has been promised. Our hope this advent season is that at Emmaus we could step outside of the normal Christmas experience and each week see our world through a different set of eyes. To step into somebody else's shoes and through tangible examples experience why God's peace is so important. It is our hope that through these experiences we would become inspired and empowered to not only live lives of peace but actively work to be people of peace in our world

Sunday December 3rd
Peace in our World

Mark Finney
Director of World Relief Spokane

Sunday December 10th
Peace in our Nation

Marty Gonzales
Director of Generation Alive

Sunday December 17th
Peace in our City

Anya Boehning
Director of Graceson Housing Foundation

Sunday December 24th
Peace on Earth

David Von
Lead Pastor - Emmaus