richard nyambura

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Richard came to Spokane from the Dream Home Orphanage over 2 years ago. He shared his story with us today at Emmaus. You can listen below, read about dream home, or click on the link to find out more.

Dream Orphanage was started by Rachel and Stephen Gichia and it's located about 25 miles from Nairobi, Kenya. In 2004, Rachel was led to begin this home, as she had a passion for little kids.   Many parents had died of AIDS leaving their children orphaned. This really touched her and she started by bringing in a child who lived with her single mom and grandmother. In Dec 2004, she came to my home and after seeing our living situation, she brought us to Dream Home and that is when she decided to have more kids at the orphanage. By the end 2005, there were about 20 kids residing in the Gichia's homestead after she was registered with the ministry of Home Affairs in Kenya.

The home now has about 55 kids and counting, from kindergarten through seniors in high school. Emmaus has been contributing towards Dream Orphanage since 2010. Most of the money that  Emmaus and the Day's send goes to feeding the kids, schooling, utilities and some other miscellaneous expenses.  The primary goal of the orphanage is to restore hope and provide basic needs to orphans and vulnerable children in Kenya. Dream Children’s Home takes care of destitute, orphaned and abandoned children. Among the objectives are to rehabilitate the children with interpersonal development skills through education, medical care, building of their self-esteem and social living skills, and create an environment of self-sustainment.

Dream Home Orphanage