aftermath...experiencing the implications of the resurrection


Sundays in April & May

When considering if Christianity is true, it all boils down to whether Jesus rose from the dead. A Christian is someone who believes in the physical resurrection of Jesus Christ and lives in light of the implications of that event. Without Jesus’ resurrection there is no good news at all. Christianity is in its very essence a resurrection religion. The concept of resurrection lies at its heart. If you remove it, Christianity is destroyed. The first question we all must answer is…did Jesus rise from the dead? If our answer to that is yes then we must answer a second and equally important question…what are the implications of his resurrection?

If Jesus did indeed rise from the dead it changes everything. The resurrection is not just about eternity or something we only benefit from in the future. God wants us not just to believe in Jesus’ resurrection but to be transformed by it and to receive the power we need to live the way we know we ought. We often neglect this truth and because of that many Christians have a meager expectation of the extent to which we can today experience resurrection life and victory over sin.