When Instagram was released there were a flood of photo sharing apps on the market...what made Instagram standout above the rest? FILTERS!! The ability to instantaneously hide flaws and make a picture look better. These days it seems that we have done the same with Jesus, filtering out the parts we don't like while accentuating the parts we do like. We have domesticated his provocative teachings, sanitized the challenges he laid before us, and reduced his stories to fit our comfortable personal narrative.

The book of Luke contains many parables that Jesus, in His wisdom, left as open narratives in order to invite us into engagement with them. These stories, alongside his other ancient teachings are, unexpected, poignant, and truly life changing. For the next 6 weeks join us as we explore the mystery, truth, and relevance of these parables hold for our world today.

Sunday March 5th
"the great banquet"
luke 14.12-24

how angry is god?

Sunday March 12th
"the pharisee & tax collector"
luke 18.9-14

which one are you?

Sunday March 19th
"the two builders"
luke 6.46-49

how secure is your life?

Sunday March 26th
"the two debtors"
luke 7.40-50

why are you so mad?

Sunday April 2nd
"the good samaritan"
luke 10.25-37

how far should we go?

Sunday April 9th
"the lost coin"
luke 15.8-10

what would you throw a party for?

Sunday April 16th
"the two sons"
luke 15.11-32

the gospel is a story of two sons...both alienated from their father...
one followed all the rebelled against everything...
the gospel is a story...of two sons...both were lost...but only one was found