october 21st word at work | 1 thessalonians 2.13

david von

Objective: we would know the power of God’s word effectually at work within us

We place our trust in so many different things, some good, some bad. But there is only 1 thing that has the power to rescue you, transform you, and free you. The very word of God. Paul repeatedly speaks the gospel to the Thessalonians. He speaks the gospel to the head (exhorting), heart (encouraging), and hands (charging), so that his disciples grow up and mature and become a trophy of grace. When the gospel does the work, no one gets to take credit other than Jesus, but we get to boast and rejoice in his work through us.

How is the word of God currently working in your life?
What things other than the word of God do you place your trust in to rescue, transform, and free you?

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