missional christmas | John 1.1-18

Rob Fairbanks


We were excited to have a special guest with us today, Rob Fairbanks.

Rob & His wife Robi have been married 31 years.  They have 3 children: Zac – 28, Karli – 26 and Trey – 11.

He has been involved in church planting for most of his adult life, most recently, New Community, a church which has been involved in launching 6 other churches. Under Rob’s leadership at New Community Emmaus was planted in September of 2010. We are incredibly grateful for his courage, passion, and care as we have endeavored to live on Mission with Christ in the Perry District.

Rob's not very complicated when it comes to ministry – he wants to start churches for people who don't like church; ones that are beautiful expressions of the Kingdom of God, churches that actually understand a missional/incarnational orientation to being. For the past few years Rob has lead Christian Associates International developing and working with Church plants all over the world. In November he transitioned out of that role sensing a calling back to church planting in the local context. Please pray for Him and Robi as they seek God’s direction on their next steps.

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