preparation of the king | john 12.1-7

Riley Palmer

Starting with Mary’s lavish burial preparation for Jesus in John chapter 12, the Good News story starts to shift. The mood and excitement is thick and palpable as Jesus makes his way to Jerusalem to become the Passover Lamb. As He heads towards Easter, I would like to look at four characters that stand out as participants. The first is Mary, whose lavish goodbye present to Jesus is true self-sacrifice. She gave to Jesus. Second is Judas, who shows righteous indignation (at Mary and Jesus) on behalf of social justice; but this indignation is a front for lining his own pockets. He stole from Jesus. His rebuke seems sacrificial, but is true selfishness. Third is Lazarus, who is a living and breathing example of Christ’s power over death. He follows Jesus around and many people come to Jesus because Lazarus was once dead, but is now alive. Lazarus moves people towards Jesus. Fourth is the Pharisees, who only see Jesus as a way to gain power.  They are disgusted with the people’s belief in Jesus, as it detracts from their own.

How are you like each of these characters?
As we move toward Easter, will you grieve and ask forgiveness for the Judas and Pharisees within you; and rejoice and seek strength for the Mary and the Lazarus in you?

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