everything changed | luke 24:36-49

david von

The resurrection of Jesus is the climatic event of Jesus earthly ministry that validates all he said and solidifies all he promises to do. The claim of his disciples that on the 3rd day Jesus rose from the dead is the most shocking and outlandish off that is written in the Bible. If false it proves Jesus was either a liar or a lunatic, but if true it means that Jesus was truly God in the flesh!! The implications are as powerful as they are endless!! This fact changes everything. His death is the complete and final sacrifice for sin and his life is the transformative power at work in each and everyone of his followers. We have been restored to a relationship with God and now the Holy Spirit resides with great power on the inside of each believer. This truly is good news. The rightful king has taken his throne and now pours out his living presence restoring all things.

Do you believe in the physical resurrection of Jesus Christ?
How does that change your life?

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