transformation pt. 1 | col. 3.1-10

After Jesus’ resurrection everything begins to change around the disciples but even more importantly everything in them begins to change as well. This Holy Spirit that has brought about the “new birth” is also bringing radical personal transformation. This is no small behavior modifications or an effort to try and live a better life. At their very core the disciples have become new people…as Paul puts it they are “new creations in Christ Jesus.” These disciples have become fully aware that what Jesus has done through his life, death, and resurrection not only gives them the desire to change it gives them the power to change as well. They begin to do away with anger, wrath, and slander. They start treating each other as God’s children rather than sexual objects to be used. They stop lying and cheating to get ahead and actually begin to prefer one another over themselves. All of this is a radical miracle made possible only by Jesus Christ. While it is exciting and fresh it can also be difficult and require some really hard work. But through it all God is at work on the inside of them shaping and forming them into his children.

How have you seen Christ’s transformative power at work in your life the past 6 months to year? (specific examples)
Where does God seem to be working trans formatively in your life most right now? How does the Gospel apply to that?

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