encounter | acts 16:13-34

david von

Throughout the Bible events are recounted where people would have and encounter with God. Sometimes it would be through an angel, other times through a miraculous phenomenon, and yet others a tangible voice. No matter the way that God would present himself the result was always the same, radical life transformation!! Although these encounters are amazingly powerful in and of themselves God had one last encounter that would trump them all. God sent Jesus in the flesh, to be with his people, giving his very own life for them. God came to us, so that every single one of us could experience an encounter with him too. It doesn’t matter your walk of life, your economic status, or the amount of religion you have, Jesus came so that you could encounter Him. As a church our purpose and passion is that all would get to experience this great encounter because we know that once you do, your life will never be the same!!

Do you have a story of an initial encounter with God? What is it?
In what ways do you continue to encounter God in your life?

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