transformed | luke 19.1-10

david von

In the Bible there were always two distinct reactions to an encounter with Jesus. One group rejected him often despising him, the other group embraced him, listened to him, and loved him. The first group felt threatened and feared what Jesus would cost them insecurity, stability, and position. The second group felt his love, and received his salvation. They knew that this is what they had been longing for. True freedom, power, and grace!! The bible knows nothing of someone coming to Jesus, embracing his salvation and then remaining the same. The power of the Holy Spirit on the inside of each believer changes them from the inside out. Not only are they instantly new creations they tangibly begin to change. Their motivations, passions, desires, all begin to come into line with the God’s kingdom. And though at times this transformation may seem impossible and even unwanted the spirit at work within us shapes us into these radical new beings that live lives in and of God’s kingdom. In what ways did you begin to change after you were rescued by Jesus?

How is God currently transforming you?

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